Welcome! My name is Paul and I am a writer. Here you can find the latest about my books, essays and podcast and reach out to me with a question. I’ve published two books, hundreds of essays and many interviews on my podcast. I believe that while the world is complex, it can be understood and everything I publish is meant to help with that. More about me in the “about” tab.


I’ve written two books and believe you will enjoy both of them. Raising a Thief is a non-fiction book about being a parent. Master, Minion is a thriller about an American translator/researcher, the murder of a Russian central banker, financial war, love and escape from difficult circumstances.

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I write essays about how I am investing and thoughts related to investing. Most of these are on my Substack. Some are in other publications, like The Wall Street Journal. Sign up and get the essay delivered direct to your inbox.

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What are the biggest things you did not learn in school? The answers are astonishingly varied. Some guests are people who aren’t famous but have incredible stories. Some guests are famous–like former FBI Director Jim Comey, hedge fund maverick Ray Dalio and Congressman Jim Himes.

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