Welcome! I am the founder of Kate Capital, LLC and Still Press. For many years, I was a strategist and investor for the largest hedge fund in the world. Here you can find the latest about my books, essays, and podcast, and reach out to me with a question. I’ve published two books, my third comes out next year, hundreds of essays, and many interviews on my podcast. I believe that while the world is complex, and both my investing and writing operate around that belief. More about me in the “about” tab.


Raising a Thief is a non-fiction book about being a parent. Master, Minion is a thriller about financial war. It will take you inside Russia, China and the US in a way no other book will.

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I write essays about how I am investing with, for subscribers, a full view into my decisions. Most of these are on my Substack. Some are in other publications, like The Wall Street Journal. Sign up and get the essay delivered direct to your inbox.

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I ask guests about their background, work and the biggest lessons they have learned from being alive. The answers are astonishingly varied. Guests include former FBI Director Jim Comey, Ray Dalio and Congressman Jim Himes.

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