I write about macro–politics and money. For many years, I was the strategist and equity partner at the largest hedge fund in the world. Previous to that, I worked as a reporter. My work has been published in The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe and aired on National Public Radio. I was educated at Brown University, The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts and The Maurice Thorez School of Foreign Languages in Moscow. I am a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. I live in Connecticut with my wife Marina, a licensed marriage and family therapist. We have two adult children.

My basic belief is that the world can be understood and the material I and my team creates–books, essays and podcasts–are meant to help with that. To understand how things work, you need to look at multiple perspectives. A great novel like War and Peace deals with a big macro force like war and brilliantly portrays individual lives rocked by this massive event. My content is also trying to touch on the big forces and then drill down to individual lives, be they invented characters like Chernikov in Master, Minion or real people on my podcast.

Who is Still Press?

Still Press is meant to convey two things at once. “Still” as in quiet and “still” as in a place that makes moonshine and blows your mind. I want to create content that is both thoughtful but also shifts your perspective. To do so requires a team. Jodelle makes all our graphics. Dave produces the podcast and anything tied to sound. Olivia is a research assistant and Rowena oversees all the admin.