I write two types of books–memoirs and thrillers. Uncomfortable Truths About Money (Harriman, 2024) and Raising a Thief are memoirs, the first about work and money, the second about being a parent. Raising a Thief has been translated into Turkish and Chinese. Master, Minion is an award-winning thriller. The book centers around Nick Burns, a linguistic savant and aspiring artist. Master, Minion is about solving a murder, escape from difficult circumstances and financial war. If you read to the end of the book you can see exactly why a sequel is needed!

Master, Minion

“A crackling story that is at once a frightening vision of global conflict and the weaponization of money, and a deeper exploration of loyalty, love, and deception. Podolsky knows how money works. Master, Minion is damn terrifying, and highly recommended.” David McCloskey, author of Damascus Station.

“Amazing story! A gripping portrayal of the people and machinery behind financial warfare. Paul is a true storyteller who knows Russia and China firsthand. He takes the readers on a thrilling journey only an insider can provide.” Mike Hayes, former Commander of Seal Team Two.

This “novel is a lucky conjunction of American tense fabula and Russian self-reflection … a kind of secret report from the depth of Russian hell … this is a book you need … a book that warns you that you also could become Russian. Because it’s not the nation but a set of misfortunes, latent talent and psychological problems. It’s a fate … and sometimes you can’t avoid it.” Dmitry Bykov, Russian writer, poet, journalist and survivor of attempted Kremlin poisoning

“When a senior Russian bureaucrat is murdered, a ruthless, reclusive hedge fund billionaire suspects that it’s not an isolated event, but the beginning of an internecine battle within Russia’s siloviki that threatens to upend geopolitics. He puts his best minion … on the scent to peel back the layers of duplicity, corruption and violence. A former exec at one of the world’s most powerful hedge funds, Paul has an insider’s subtle grasp of how money leads to information and how information leads to power.” Jay Newman, author of Undermoney and Wall Street investor

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Raising a Thief

“I am passionate about understanding how people think and why because this is the most important thing. This book offers an invaluable picture about how the earliest childhood experiences have thinking. I recommend it for all parents.” Ray Dalio, Bridgewater Founder and author of the New York Times #1 Bestseller Principles

“Reflecting his background as a journalist, Podolsky brings a compassionate perspective to the process of adoption and the myriad challenges confronting families.” Neil Aggarwal, Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Columbia University

“A deeply personal and moving memoir.” Steven DeSalvo, Amazon review

“An incredible memoir that captivated me from start to finish.” JB, Amazon review

“I am not someone who reads memoirs but this one has been a fascinating read.” Amazon review

“This is the best book I’ve ever come across about attachment disorder.” Amazon review

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Uncomfortable Truths About Money is out this fall!

Here is an excerpt:

“Many things matter more than money.

Money certainly isn’t everything, but it is something. You can’t get away from money, but having a decent understanding is hard because money often means several things at once. For instance:

Money is cash today and cash for some distant tomorrow, like old age, if we are lucky enough to experience old age.

Money is cash but also credit.”