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Debt Limit Jihad

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Bank Woes + Inflation = Pain

Happy Friday.

Asphyxiating the Economy

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The Storm Ebbs

An accurate picture of the world balances a longer-term view against the short-term oscillations. The short-term is looking much brighter, for reasons I describe below. The long-term is a pitched but slow-moving battle around whether the current wave of disruptive technology will be used more for good or evil. This battle touches our jobs, politics, communication, finances and international relations.

Opening Black Boxes

For most of its inhabitants, the modern world is full of black boxes, devices whose internal workings remain—to different degrees—a mystery to their users.”—Vaclav Smil.

Cliff Notes To The Next Chapter

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The Cacophony Economy

A business has three moving parts—content, distribution and financing. Since the advent of modern capitalism about 250 years ago, there have been a series of battles over who controls distribution. Today, this fight centers on information. What’s referred to as the “creator economy” is in fact a cacophony economy. Anyone can post anything, thus the cacophony. What we see, however, is a function of algos that feed off emotions like anger and lust or something quite old-school, ad spend.

Too Many Tech Bros, Not Enough Frackers

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