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Financial Rip Currents

I took Saturday off and went surfing.

    Bank Woes + Inflation = Pain

    Happy Friday.

      Liquidity Tightens

      I don’t enjoy days like today.

        The Instability Of Wealth, Banks and Capitalism

        A week ago, I had never heard of SVB bank.

          Be Wary of Lingo

          For those of you seeing these posts for the first time, my name is Paul and I’m a writer and investor. You can read more about me here. Readers enjoy my books, Raising a Thief and Master, Minion and I think you will too. You can support my team with a paid subscription. For those of you in Connecticut, I speak tomorrow night at the Westport Book Shop, an organization with a great mission.

            Investment Update

            To my wonderful unpaid Subscribers, thank you for being a part of this. Today’s post is paid-Subscriber only. Below, I share how my thinking has evolved and tie this to specific portfolio allocations. Between previous posts and podcasts, there is plenty of unpaid content to peruse! And there are always books to read, like Raising a Thief and Master, Minion. If you have read either and liked them, please post a review!

              Why The Dictator

              I am not partial to strongmen rulers, but my visit to Iquique, Chile, which I am leaving as this post hits your inbox, helped me put Pinochet and others of his ilk into perspective.

              Letter from Santiago

              The International Energy Agency predicated that demand for lithium was set to grow thirty-fold by 2030 and more than a hundred times by 2050.

              Navigating With A Janky Compass

              Hi there! To my many unpaid subscribers, today I’m jumping directly to the paywall and skipping free content. If you are after free content, I get it and am delighted you have signed up. However, I need to balance your desire for free stuff with my desire to build a business! If you are a student, give me a shout. I may make adjustments. Separately, next week I head to Chile to better understand copper, lithium, and politics. If there are Subscribers down there or if you know someone good to talk to, please let me know. Today subscribers receive my outlook, investment results, asset allocation, and the details of a Subscriber-only call later this week.

              A Soldier’s Perspective

              Today I’m sharing a conversation with Lt. General (ret.) Mark Hertling. This is part of my effort to understand the Ukraine war. I’ve been frustrated by some news coverage, like a weekend article from The Wall Street Journal warning “Some Western Backers of Ukraine Worry That Time Might be On Russia’s Side.” These stories lack a rigorous economic and military analytical framework.