Spencer Glendon – Climate Change Expert, Founder Probable Futures

Spencer founded Probable Futures to help us all become climate change literate. Before that he was Director of Investment Research at Wellington Management. He holds a PhD from Harvard. 

Leonid – On Ukraine’s Front Line

Leonid is a drone operator on Ukraine’s front lines. This conversation is a bit “salty” so if that’s jarring, don’t listen. 

Francisco Toro – Hipster Dictators and the Risk To Democracy

Francisco was born in Venezuela and later watched that country’s Democracy implode. He is now a journalist, a contributing editor to Persuasion and an expert on both Latin America and populism. 

Senator Chris Murphy–Administering Amid Rapid Change

Chris Murphy is a Democratic US Senator representing Connecticut. 

J Mintzmyer – Shipping, Supply Chains and Modern Adisory

J is an expert in global shipping stocks, which means he understands exactly what went wrong with the supply chain during the pandemic. He is also a person who, in addition to serving in the military, has developed a successful business in financial advice, independent of any financial  institution, a fascinating case study. 

Andrew Weiss – Russia Expert, Author of Accidental Czar

Andrew is a senior member of Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a Russia expert and author of Accidental Czar, the Life and Lies of Vladimir Putin. He served at the National Security Council, State Department and Pentagon.  

John Dinges — Chile, the CIA and the Condor Years

John is a journalist, author and teacher who has carefully documented the US role in abetting Pinochet’s rule over Chile in the 1970s.  

Henry Sanderson–Copper, Lithium and Electric Cars

Henry is a former Financial Times reporter and author of Volt Rush, which delves into what metals are required to make the electric car industry work. 

Mark Hertling––A Soldier’s Life, Ukraine and Populism

Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling (retired)  has fought and lead troops in multiple wars, trained some of those leading Ukraine’s defense, traveled to over 100 countries, and provides commentary to CNN. He is also a husband, father and grandfather. He has given a lot of thought to what it means to be a good leader. 

Peter Eigen, Founder Transparency International

Peter founded Transparency International in 1993 and it has since grown to have over 100 chapters around the world. Leaders such as former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan have lauded TI’s work. Peter, a lawyer and former World Bank official, founded the organization as a way to track and quantify a global force that most people loathe.  He has created the type of legacy we all can aspire to. This episode was produced by Dave Manahan.