John Dinges — Chile, the CIA and the Condor Years

John is a journalist, author and teacher who has carefully documented the US role in abetting Pinochet’s rule over Chile in the 1970s.  

Henry Sanderson–Copper, Lithium and Electric Cars

Henry is a former Financial Times reporter and author of Volt Rush, which delves into what metals are required to make the electric car industry work. 

Mark Hertling––A Soldier’s Life, Ukraine and Populism

Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling (retired)  has fought and lead troops in multiple wars, trained some of those leading Ukraine’s defense, traveled to over 100 countries, and provides commentary to CNN. He is also a husband, father and grandfather. He has given a lot of thought to what it means to be a good leader. 

George Manahan–Public Relations, Disease and Be Here Now

George is an expert in public relations, West Virginia and facing a tough disease, Parkinson’s. In this conversation, he shares his perspectives on all three and what “be here now” means in practice. This episode was produced by Dave Manahan. 

Vitaliy Katsenelson – Abundence, Scarcity and the Value of Each

Vitaliy is a money manager and the author of three books including Soul in the Game. He was born in the Soviet Union and emigrated to the US. He suggests we look at both what makes a good investment and also how to properly account for the cost of pursuing wealth.  This episode was produced by Dave Manahan. 

Peter Eigen, Founder Transparency International

Peter founded Transparency International in 1993 and it has since grown to have over 100 chapters around the world. Leaders such as former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan have lauded TI’s work. Peter, a lawyer and former World Bank official, founded the organization as a way to track and quantify a global force that most people loathe.  He has created the type of legacy we all can aspire to. This episode was produced by Dave Manahan. 

Ballerina Eleena Melamed – How to Take the Stage and When to Leave It

Eleena began dancing as a child and rose to become a member of the Corps de Ballet at the American Ballet Theater. She takes us inside that remarkable life. What does it require to pull off those jumps and create that grace and magic? Her story is about grit, art and also knowing when to stop. This episode was produced by David Manahan. 

Dmitry Bykov – Writer, Assassin Survivor, Soothsayer

Dmitry has written 85 books including novels, poetry and biography, and published too many articles to count. In 2019, Bykov survived an apparent assassination attempt using a nerve agent and the Russian state now lists him as a “foreign agent,” which means he says things they don’t like to hear. In our conversation he discusses Putin, Zelensky, writing and his upbringing. This episode was produced by Dave Manahan. 

Leopold and Victor Cox – Father and Son, Changing Stations

Leopold and Victor are father and son. Leopold emigrated from Grenada, drove a bus in New York City for almost 30 years to support three children, one of whom is Victor, who is now finishing medical school. The two talk about their relationship, racism and changing stations.  

Author David McCloskey – Author, Arabist, Son, Spy

David is a former CIA agent and author of the thriller Damascus Station. We discuss the CIA, growing up, his wonderful book. Syria and the creative process.