Heidi Seaborn – Poet Lost and Found

Heidi is a poet and author of An Insomniac’s Slumber Party. She discovered her talent early in life, embarked on a multi-decade business career, and then re-emerged into a writing life years later. 

Marina Klimova on Ukraine, Kidnapping and Trauma

Marina is my wife. She grew up in the Soviet Union and has family both in Russia in Ukraine. Kidnapped twice, she is an expert on trauma and a licensed marriage and family therapist. A special mother’s day episode.  This episode was produced by Dave Manahan. 

David Linden, Neuroscientist, on Facing Death

David Linden is a neuroscientist at Johns Hopkins, author of Unique, The Compass of Pleasure and The Accidental Mind. He is also facing a terminal cancer diagnosis. This episode was produced by Dave Manahan. 

Jay Newman – Investor, Author of Undermoney

Jay Newman is a lawyer, investor, expert in emerging market debt and the author of Undermoney, a novel that takes a reader inside a fictionalized world drawn from the rarified one he himself occupied for many years. 

Amy Butcher – Memoirist

Amy Butcher is the author of Mothertrucker and Visiting Hours: A Memoir of Friendship and Murder and a writing teacher at Ohio Wesleyan University. This episode was produced by Dave Manahan. 

Yuhua Wang – From Tiananmen to Harvard

Yuhua is a husband, father, associate professor of government at Harvard and an expert in Chinese politics. He grew up in Beijing, came to the US for graduate school and is now a scholar and prolific author. He has studied deeply  how the Chinese dynastic tradition works, both the rises and the declines. This episode was produced by Dave Manahan. 

Congressman Jim Himes On Ukraine, Government Service and Humility

Jim Himes represents Connecticut’s 4th District and has been serving since 2009. He is a father, husband, Rhodes scholar and Harvard and Goldman alum. He shares his thoughts on the war in Ukraine, what the day-to-day is like in government, Trumpism and the biggest thing he didn’t learn in school. 

Harold Lopez-Nussa – Just the Right Note

Harold is a Cuban musician and composer who plays extraordinary songs that are both rooted in Jazz but also stretch well beyond that. Hear him talk about his upbringing, switching from classical to jazz and why an audience is so important. This episode was produced by Dave Manahan. 

John Yorke – Master of Story Structure

John Yorke is the author of Into the Woods, a former BBC producer and a master in story structure. We all tell stories, be it socially, in our business or as writers and artists. Learn what the timeless laws are behind any great story. This episode was produced by Dave Manahan. 

Matt Reynolds – Barbells as Medicine

Matt is the founder and CEO of Barbell Logic, a remote weight-training program. He started as an enthusiastic amateur, evolved to strongman competitions and then opened Barbell Logic, which allows him to share strongman techniques with regular people. His erstwhile hobby became his profession. He thinks of barbells as medicine and has seen strength training transform lives. This episode was produced by Dave Manahan.