Adam Frankel – Obama Speechwriter, Author

Adam is the author of the memoir The Survivors and was also a speechwriter for President Obama, helping craft lines that entered our collective consciousness.  Listen to him talk about his path, working for Obama and what makes a great speech. This episode was produced and edited by Dave Manahan. Thanks Dave!

Sue Cheung – Author of Chinglish, On Escaping Life Above a Chinese Take-Out

Sue grew up on top of a Chinese take-out resteraunt in the UK, escaping to pursue a career as an illustrator and later wrote and illustrated a story to describe that experience. This podcast was edited and produced by Dave Manahan.

Paul Fetters – A Life Behind the Lens, Photography and Philosophy

Paul Fetters has been taking pictures for decades, many of them showing up in the media you have likely seen, including the New York Times Sunday Magazine, The Washington Post, US News and World report, etc. For more of his work go to

Vanessa Morest – On the Role Community Colleges Play in Narrowing Income Inequality

Vanessa is Chief Academic Officer and Provost of Westchester Community College. She describes the role community colleges play in our education system and how Biden’s fiscal package could be put to work in this sector.  This episode was produced and edited by Dave Manahan.

Lois Letchford, Author of “Reversed” – On Raising a Non-Neurotypical Child

Lois is the author of Reversed, a memoir about raising a child who struggled terribly in school, was deemed to be impaired by his teachers but ultimately  went on to gain a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Oxford University. How did Lois unpack his challenges? Take a listen. 

Pat Garrity, NBA Star, Businessman, Father and Husband

Pat played 10 years in the NBA, most of that time for the Orlando Magic, helped manage the Detroit Pistons and also has worked in money management and media. 

Michael Casey – Crypto Expert, Journalist, Author

Author of 5 books, Chief Content Officer at CoinDesk, journalist, father and husband. 

Peter Beeman, American sculptor, on the life of an artist and the creative process

Peter makes massive public installations both in the US and abroad. To see the artwork we discuss go to 

Roger Johnson, from Convict to Father, Minister and Entrepreneur

Roger Johnson grew up in Bridgeport, served time for armed robbery and later became a father, minister and entrepreneur who helps get ex-cons and others from the inner city onto their feet. He talks about his evolution, Bridgeport, CT, the power of faith and his take on Black Lives Matter. We struggled a bit with some audio issues on this call. Don’t let the sound throw you off, this talk is worth every minute!

Pierre-Yves Bonnet, French soldier, civil servant and CEO

Pierre-Yves reflects on fighting a war, forecasting a peasant uprising, running a bank in China and the future of the European Union.