Nick Reber – The Quality and Cost of Medical Care

Nick Reber is the founder and CEO of Garner Health.  Garner uses big data to track doctor outcomes, arming patients with the same type of stats about a doctor that previously were only public for roles like professional athlete. He also provides insight into how medical costs are formed, critical for making sense of long-term inflation trends. Produced by Dave Manahan. 

Tamara Chubinidze – Showing Love Through Georgian Food

Tamara is the founder of Chama Mama, a chain of Georgian restaurants in New York City. She grew up in Georgia, lived through the Civil War and opened up her first Chama Mama in New York City. This episode was edited and produced by Dave Manahan. 

Jim Comey – Watching the Train Leave the Station

Jim Comey is a husband, father and grandfather, the former director of the FBI and the author of the New York Times Bestseller A Higher Loyalty.  This episode was edited and produced by Dave Manahan. 

Dan Zwirn – Boom, Bust and Redemption

Dan is CEO and CIO of Arena Investors, which manages over $2 billion.  He made a fortune, lost it and is now re-making it. He shares his investment philosophy, his tangle with regulators and how turning to Stoic philosophers helped him gain perspective when his fortunes unexpectedly shifted. This episode was edited and produced by Dave Manahan. 

Ray Dalio, Unplugged

Ray is the founder of Bridgewater Associates, the largest hedge fund in the world, and author of the New York Times Bestseller Principles. He discusses growing up, founding Bridgewater and confronting loss. This episode was edited and produced by Dave Manahan. 

Dr. Alexander Vanyukov – Asking for Help on Moscow’s Covid Front Lines

Heart-surgeon Dr. Alexander Vanyukov was in the epicenter of Russia’s Covid response. Overwhelmed, he asked for help. Find out what happened next. This episode was edited and produced by David Manahan and translated by Anna Brosgol. 

Rabbi Michael Friedman – Religion in the Modern World & Judaism 101

What is the role of religion in the modern world? What is the day-to-day life of a Rabbi and how does one become one? What are the differences between different religions and differences within religion? Hear a thoughtful conversation. Edited and produced by Dave Manahan. 

Adam Frankel – Obama Speechwriter, Author

Adam is the author of the memoir The Survivors and was also a speechwriter for President Obama, helping craft lines that entered our collective consciousness.  Listen to him talk about his path, working for Obama and what makes a great speech. This episode was produced and edited by Dave Manahan. Thanks Dave!

Sue Cheung – Author of Chinglish, On Escaping Life Above a Chinese Take-Out

Sue grew up on top of a Chinese take-out resteraunt in the UK, escaping to pursue a career as an illustrator and later wrote and illustrated a story to describe that experience. This podcast was edited and produced by Dave Manahan.

Paul Fetters – A Life Behind the Lens, Photography and Philosophy

Paul Fetters has been taking pictures for decades, many of them showing up in the media you have likely seen, including the New York Times Sunday Magazine, The Washington Post, US News and World report, etc. For more of his work go to